ALEXANDER LESSONS provide students with a unique hands-on experience of how an improvement in the relationship between their head, neck and back can make a difference in everything they do. (We teachers refer to this relationship as The Primary Control.) The teacher’s highly trained and specific touch plus their words, concepts and sometimes visual aids help students identify and inhibit those habits of moving and thinking that contribute to inefficiency and discomfort. Students are taught how to teach themselves to move with coordination, awareness and easy poise.

Lessons involve work on automatic but frequently repeated daily movements from the simple (sitting, standing and walking) to the complex, (playing an instrument), depending on individual needs. During a portion of each lesson, the student lies in a supine position on a massage type table while the teacher works with them to reinforce the most beneficial relationship of their head to their spine. In this position it is easier for the student to release habitual tension patterns in a deeper way. Lying down also lessens the demands of gravity and allows the student to decompress and lengthen with great benefits.

I give lessons at my office in an elevator building conveniently located on Union Square. Lessons are also available in Upstate New York in the Catskill region. An Alexander lesson takes an hour. Students need only comfortable clothing. No special equipment is necessary. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that students who are new to the technique, or just getting back to it, take lessons as close together as is practical when they begin studying.